Friday, April 18, 2014

[DIY] Eye-Catching Glasses

"Eye" catching? Get it? Get it?…Heh heh hehhh
Embellished glasses have been everywhere lately, and I see them more and more as summer approaches. I especially love the super glam pairs by Her Tiny Teeth! I pulled out a couple of pairs of cheapy sunnies and reading glasses that needed some extra love, raided my local Michael's for buttons, beads, and scrapbooking embellishments, and went to town. I decided to add a little extra floral touch to the arms of my pair's frame, or the "temples", to continue the floral theme. You can do the whole DIY, just the front embellishing, or just the floral paint job, but get creative and put together some stunnas that will really STUN!
PART 1- You will need:
Glasses to decorate
Rhinestones of varying sizes
Other decor, like flat-backed buttons, beads, etc.
A very strong glue, like E-6000 (I ended up switching to a hot glue gun part way through)
Lay out the decorations you want to put on your glasses. Start with the largest pieces on the corners or sides of the frames and work your way out. Put your glasses on and hold up the decor where you want it to be placed to make sure that none of your additions will be blocking your vision.
I was also sort of having another go at the "Embellished Sunnies" DIY I posted HERE, which I still love, but had turned out looking more like a craft project than I had intended. The trick to keeping it classy over crafty is to use more varying sizes of rhinestones, from the big ostentatious ones all the way down to the teeny tiny ones.
Once you have gotten a general idea of how you want your sunnies to look, start spreading glue on your frames, working in smaller sections. 
Once your glue is very tacky (E6000 suggests waiting 10 minutes), start placing your decor on your glasses, starting with the largest pieces. Don't be afraid to overlap-- it creates more depth and interest.
This glueing process was too slow for me, and my decor would slide around with the wet glue on the plastic frames, so this is about when I switched to hot glue. Although I was hesitant, it seems to hold just as well. With hot glue, the process is much quicker, so definitely continue to work in small sections and be careful to clean up any "glue strings".
Once the larger pieces are secured to your glasses, lay out your smaller rhinestones so that they will run largest to smallest around your frames. I used my rhinestones to create an ombre effect on this pair.

Don't limit yourself to rhinestones! I raided the $1 section at my local Michael's store and found flat-backed pearl accents to mix in with rhinestones on my pink reading glasses. You can continue the rhinestones all the way around your frames if you like, but I decided to keep these a little more simple and trail the pattern off.

 This project is so easily customizable. You can create glasses to suit any taste or personality. More, less, sparkles, pearls, studs, or whatever you can glue down.

Did you try this project? If you did, leave a comment or tweet me pictures so I can see! I love the way my glasses turned out, but come back on Monday for another DIY project showing how I further customize my pink rose reading glasses :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

[what i wore] Barefoot Bones

Bones Crop Top from Forever 21, Turquoise Ring from Pink Zone, Thrifted Maxi Skirt, Feather Necklace, and Flip-Up Sunnies

 I found these sunglasses at American Vintage on Hollywood Blvd while visiting with my Uncle and cousins. Vintage sunglasses are the best, as long as you can find any that aren't all scratched up. The  tapestry maxi skirt and feather necklace were found at Salvation Army. I couldn't resist throwing the cross-bone crop top into the mix to break up the vintage-y vibe. 
And I guess sometimes you just don't need shoes.

Photos by Diva Hammad

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[DIY] Moschino Inspired Belt

Moschino-branded belts have been all over the fashion blogosphere for the past few years. These gold-lettered belts have become a must-have in their own right, but at around $300, they are out of range for many fashionistas. I easily created my own custom version of this iconic belt for under $10.

You will need:
Plain belt
Gold foil scrapbooking letters
E-6000 or hot glue

So I somehow lost all of the photos from when I was DIY'ing this piece, but it's so simple! Using your scrapbooking letters, spell out whatever you want to say on your belt and glue them on in a straight line. 
If your letters are adhesive backed, like the ones I used, peel off the backing before you glue the letters on, or your letters will fall off and only the backing will remain on your belt (I learned the hard way, oops!) Let your glue set overnight and you will be left with a gorgeous custom Moschino-inspired belt that can be worn with many different outfits. 

I tried this project with spray painted wood letters, but they didn't come out shiny enough for my preference. I would also love to try this project with charm letters like these if I ever find any that are large enough. Did you try this project? I would love to see how it turned out. Leave a comment or tweet a picture to me at @holehx!

Monday, April 14, 2014

[what i wore] Kimonos and Clouds

 San Diego weather just can't pull itself together lately. It's cloudy, but hot and muggy, then the sun comes out, but its freezing and windy. And after the sun sets is an entirely separate story. So getting dressed lately is this awful drawn out antagonizing thing because like whaaaaat really am I even doing. But whatever. I haven't done one of these posts in foreverrrrr. But I guess this is my "What I Would Wear If I Wasn't at Coachella" outfit.
Because I wasn't at Coachella. And that's totally fine.
Is it EDC yet?
Black Wide Brim Straw Hat from somewhere random on eBay, Cream Sheer and Lace Kimono (that I added some extra fringe to) from Forever 21, Floral Smocked Sundress by Poetry from Closet, Black OTK Socks from another random eBay seller, Black Lace Up Wedges by Bamboo from Pink Zone

Turquoise Cuff from Forever 21 and Mermaid Crown Ring from Pink Zone
Photos by Diva Hammad

Friday, April 11, 2014

insta love

The haftsin from the UCLA Iranian Student Group Culture Show
A flower I found on an afternoon in Pacific Beach.
Brunch at Cody's in La Jolla
Orange Tea with sweet lemon.
Relaxing in my "Cali Love" sweatshirt from Pink Zone.
Blank memo cards from Michael's always prove handy when you're in a pinch!
Black and Gold glitter mani and a bunch of random rings.
Dessert after a huge lunch with my little sister at Souplantation!
My fortune, and some good advice, from a vending machine in Old Town.
Peach and gold mani.
Paper menus at the Neighborhood restaurant in downtown San Diego. 
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

leggings are not pants

I don't even know where to start with this topic, because I get so worked up every time I think about it.

Leggings are not pants.

Unless you are Robin Hood, Peg Bundy, or a regular on, leggings are not pants.  Unless you are at the gym, a Renaissance fair, or ballet practice, leggings are not pants. Unless you are in a hair metal band or at a "Full House"-themed costume party, no, leggings are still not pants.
Ryan agrees.
If leggings were pants, they would be called pants.

So, okay, you tried them on to make sure they weren't see-through…in the dim light of your bedroom. But girlfrannn, I can see your undies out here in the daylight.
Even a woman as hot as Sofia Vergara doesn't get a free pass on this one. [source]
At least she is wearing underwear, I guess. [source]
And no matter how thick those thigh-hugging glorified pajamas are, they never stay in the same place all day. You never know when you might be caught "toe"-ing the line (pun intended). Save it for your gynecologist. 
The only good thing Kanye ever did was put a stop to this. [source]
And I honestly never wanted to know how nice of a butt you have, but, uh, way to be confident? Although, the fact that your own bum hates your leggings so much that it is eating them is probably a sign...
Hunrgy booty needs a midday snack. [source]
If someone could just explain this to…actually no, you know what, don't. [source]
We all have those days where comfort trumps trendiness, and yes, I completely understand that leggings are "soooo comfortable" and perfect for running errands, or airplane travel, or going to class, or whatever-- but you probably look like a slob. Without much extra effort, leggings can be chic without compromising the innocence of the 4 year old boy in the cart behind you in line at the grocery store. A longer shirt or tunic can take your day-to-day comfy uniform from trashy to classy without skipping a beat. 
Yes, girl. Cover that camel toe! [source]
JessyDust gets it right five times over.
This is not difficult to achieve.
Leggings-wearing women of the world, I implore you to take a good hard look at yourself. Dressing for your body type, as well as for the occasion, are the two biggest style rules. It is difficult to think of an occasion that would applaud, or a body type that could withstand, the showcasing of every curve and crevasse, every cellulite crater, every wrinkle...
I leave you with the wise words of one of the best dressed women in the world:
Stop the madness.