What's in My Styling Kit?

What is a Photo Stylist?
A photo stylist works with the photographer of a shoot to source and set up the props, products, and clothes that create the mood of the photographs or editorial story.

Why Do They Need a Kit?
A photo stylist's kit contains all of the tools needed to create the look of the set. Often times, the stylist has to create an illusion of a well-fitting wardrobe piece or help angle a prop to make it look better under the lighting and the camera lens. The items in the kit are invaluable to a stylist's job and are always being added to and evolving.

What's in My Styling Kit
1. Handheld Steamer
2. Clothing Rack and Extra Hangers
3. Tote with lots of easily accessible pockets
4. Business Cards
5. Memo Pad, Pen, Sharpie, Highlighter
6. Goo Gone
7. Apron
8. Reusable Shopping Bag
9. Sewing Kit
10. Tissue/Filler Paper
11. Hand Sanitizer
12. Bungee Cord
13. Mini First Aid Kit
14. Mini Surge Protector
15. Monofilament or Fishing Line
16. Adhesives- Painter's Tape, Masking Tape, Mounting Tape, Super Glue
17. Disinfecting Wipes
18. Travel Size Wrinkle-Free Spray
19. Travel Size Febreeze Spray
20. Car Seat-Back Hanger Hooks
21. Clothespins/Clamps/Clips (Plastic and Metal)
22. T-pins
23. Safety Pines
24. Bobby Pins
25. Energy Drink and a Snack
26. Shoe Laces
27. Box Cutter
28. Scissors
29. Measuring Tape
30. Non-Slip Shoe Inserts
31. No-Show Socks
32. Black, White, and Neutral Bandeau Tops
33. Sunscreen and Bug Spray
34. Manicure Kit
35. Vaseline Mini
36. Makeup Remover Wipes
37. Cotton Swabs or Q-tips
38. Nail Polish Remover
39. Travel Size Hairspray
40. Plastic Rain Bonnet

Where to Shop
When building and maintaining your kit, check dollar stores and dollar bin sections of big-box stores for products that might be helpful on set. I find the best stuff in the hardware section at the dollar store! Also check the travel toiletry sections for products that will take up less space in your kit. If you use products up quickly, refill them from a larger container. Always be on the lookout for new things to add to your kit- I am currently on the hunt for a mini-size WD40!

How to Store Your Kit
It's important to have a container for your kit that can hold a lot, but still keep everything organized and accessible. Consider wearing an apron on set to keep necessities at hand.

The most important tip I can give to a photo stylist building their kit is: ALWAYS BE PREPARED! You never know what a day on set will bring, where you might end up shooting, or what changes might occur. Be ready for any situation, and you will be an on-set all star!