Be Mine

Usually I'm not the most excited person for Valentine's Day, but this year for some reason I am super excited for all of the pink and red and lace and sweets :) Here are some of my top picks to celebrate Love Day this year:

1. Single, Silk-Chiffon Animal Print Dress, $315
2. Urban Outfitters, Sweet Heart Sunglasses, $10
3. Preen Line, Anchor Cutout Lace Dress, $680
4. Stella McCartney, Clara Whispering Contour Bra, $152
5. Forever 21, Sheer Lace Boyshort, $3.80
6. Notte by Marchesa, Plisse Tafetta Dress, $750
7. Forever 21, Lacie Hearts Cami, $7.90
8. Forever 21, Satin Bow Skirt, $15.80
9. Forever 21, Satin Side Bow Headband, $3.80
10. Topshop, Slice of Cake Drop Earrings, £6.00

And on the topic of "Love", here's an awesome remix of Lady Gaga's "Lovegame", enjoy!