[DIY] flashes of artillery light

What you will need:

1. Pliers
2. Chain
3. Findings (Plenty of Jumprings and a Clasp)
4. Optional: a flat pendant with loops on either end to attach to your armor


1. Measure around your middle finger with the chain. Cut it to length and attach the ends with a jump ring.

2. Attach another length of chain on the same jump ring. This is the length that will run from your fingers to your wrist or attach your pendant to your armor, so be sure not to cut it too short!

3. Measure around your wrist with chain the same way you did for your finger to make a bracelet. Attach a jump ring and a clasp. I made mine pretty tight so that my armor would not slide around too much once I was wearing it.

4. Here, you will either attach the length of chain from your finger to the length around your wrist, or you can cut that length shorter and use jump rings to add a pendant to your armor.

5. Add a few more chains from your ring down to your wrist, and a few across to add interest and to help your armor hold its shape while you are wearing it.