Wardrobe Journal: Part 1

For one of my classes, we had to do a wardrobe journal of significant outfits across our lives. I thought mine turned out alright, so here it is :)It's a little bit long, so I'll break it up over the next few days.

About Me

When asked to write about myself and my interest in fashion, I don’t know exactly where to begin. As a person, I am still searching. When it comes to fashion, I pull inspiration from many places, and then use that inspiration to motivate myself to accomplish my goals.

Who am I? I am the type of person that is impossible to describe in a few words. I am originally from Alabama, and so much about the culture of the South is what makes me who I am. Big hair, sweet tea, college football, and chatting with strangers in line at the grocery store are some of my favorite things that I could never do without. But as much as I love my roots, I have been a California girl for quite a while now as well, and lazy beach days, heart shaped sunglasses, and carne asada burritos are just as much a part of me as the charms of Dixie. I lead a full and busy life. I go to school full time, work two part time jobs, and also volunteer as a Pop Warner cheer coach. I thrive under stress and love the adrenaline rush of seeing hard work pay off. I work hard and I play hard, but the trick is making it all look easy.

My fashion inspiration comes from an infinite number of sources. I read fashion blogs and magazines, watch television, and follow twitter, but most of my inspiration comes from other cultures, history, or what is around me. I love taking the fashions from other places or the past and bringing them back in a more modern or relatable way. History truly does repeat itself, especially when it comes to fashion. I also always have my eyes open to the people around me. If I like something that I see on someone else, I will find a way to work it into one of my own outfits in my own way. I believe fashion is about adaptation and evolution. It is something that is constantly changing, just like myself.

I decided to take fashion classes because I want to learn as much as I can about the industry before I dive into it. I also want to learn about all of the different jobs within the industry so that I can decide what exactly that it is I want to do. I have always been a visual person and fashion has always come so naturally to me as a way to express myself. What one puts on in the morning can alter their mood to make or break their entire day. Fashion is something that involves the entire world, because everyone wears clothes. There are so many opportunities for those who are willing to work hard. I dream of a job that I am excited to get up and go to every day, and working in something you are passionate about is the best way to find that.

Overall, there are so many aspects of my life that connect me to fashion. My visually driven thought process and penchant for hard work and hectic days make me perfect for the fashion industry. I draw inspiration from everything around me and everything I wish was around me. As for who I am, I believe that we never really know. Just like the fashion industry, we are each constantly changing. There is a season for everything.

From the time I was very young, I already knew how to express myself through my clothing. Even as a three-year-old I knew what I liked, and when I found something I liked, I wore it to death. Two examples, shown above, are a pair of white cowboy boots, and a dress infamously known in my family as “the bubble dress”. Both of these were not always appropriate for the occasions on which I wore them. The bubble dress is seen here over a pair of footy pajamas because I loved this dress so incredibly much that I would not even take it off to go to bed. It was also a little bit too fancy for preschool and a little bit too skimpy for winters in upstate New York, where we lived at the time. I also have memories of countless temper tantrums thrown over the cowboy boots, which I always insisted on putting on myself, even if that meant they were being worn on the wrong feet, like in the above picture (bless my poor mother’s heart!). I wore holes into the soles of those boots and my mother and I searched high and low until we found a pair to replace them.

As a child, I would say if I had been conscious of my image, I probably would have been happy with it. I have always loved being in the spotlight and the way I dressed as a little kid definitely got me lots of attention. I probably sent the message that I was very eclectic, energetic, and happy, which were all true. Because I was so little, the reactions I got were mostly people thinking it was cute that I was dressing myself so boldly. I probably used these pieces of clothing as protection. Because they were pieces that I felt confident in, I felt more secure, which is an important feeling for kids and probably what caused me to always want to be wearing the things that made me comfortable.