if you know then you know

Current obsession: Crap Eyewear

A girl in one of my classes at school was wearing a pair of really sick sunglasses that said "CRAP" on the side. But what is "crap"? I had to investigate.

Crap is a Southern California based, not brand, but "crew", that carries amazing sunnies that are named things like "The Beach Party", "The Human Fly", and "The Nudie Mag". Their style embodies every stereotype of the SoCal beach bum lifestyle, with simple frames and crazy reflective lenses. (and it doesn't hurt that all of the people in their lookbook could be mistaken for my own crew)

Even though it has been relentlessly pouring rain in San Diego for the last few days, I can't wait to shred some gnar this summer in a pair of Bug Eyes. Get them here. and their Twitter.

*nobody paid me for this, I just dig them. Don't worry about it.