[How To] patch really holey denim

 The "ripped jeans" look came into fashion a few years ago and has managed to stay in style for quite some time now (to my mother's disappointment, ha). One problem with this trend, though, is that after a few washings, those sweet worn-in patches become gaping holes majorly lacking in the butt-covering department. I grabbed my dilapidated denim and some scraps of fabric and got to work!

 You will need:
Hole-y Denim Shorts
Thread to match your denim
Fabric Scraps as big as your holes
Sewing Needle, Pins, Scissors

First, figure out how big your holes are that you want to patch and cut your fabric scraps a little bit bigger than your hole. I chose fabric that was a similar color to my denim, but you can use any basic cotton fabric that you like. 
Then, turn your shorts inside out and pin the fabric around your hole, with the front side down, so that it will face the right direction when you turn your shorts right side out. I chose to patch both of my holes, as well as another small worn spot so that the fabric will peek through, and in case that spot goes in the way of the others someday!

 After you're all pinned up, thread your needle and sew around your hole, about a quarter to half an inch away from the edge, so that you are sewing on a stronger part of the denim weave, and to give your fray some room to grow. Use stitches that are small on the outside so that they don't show, but they can be bigger on the inside (mine have held up fine after a few washings).


Tie your thread off with a double-knot, trim away any excess fabric, and you are ready to get lots more wear out of your previously un-wearable shorts!