on a horse with no name

This weekend I'm headed out to a cabin in the desert with some friends. Our 5-star accommodations boast... It's basically a concrete slab with four walls and a roof. It is supposed to be hotter than bus station chili up there this weekend (googlemaps reveals we will be within spitting distance of Coachella). We will have beer running water and a lot of firearms, but not much else. I'm planning on bringing denim shorts, breezy tank tops, and a good pair of sneakers to hike in. I can't wait to unplug from all my electronic entanglements and get out of town for a couple of days.

 1. Tank Top-- Le Petit Petit
2. Denim Cutoffs-- American Eagle (see my denim patching DIY here)
3. Sneakers-- New Balance Womens 310 Hiking Shoes
4. Turban Scarf-- Forever 21
5. Cowboy Boots-- Laredo Kadi (I have these exact boots and they are my favorite!)

What other desert necessities am I missing?