When breaking into the fashion industry, there are many job options available. Every job in the business is extremely multifaceted and requires you to be able to perform many roles. I talked with my sorority sister, Jessica Blosser, who held one of these versatile positions, to ask her about her role as an Assistant Fashion Editor at Collective Magazine.
The most important part of Blosser’s job was to come up with the trend page concepts for each month. She wrote descriptions for the trend pages, did market research, and chose content for fashion features. She also coordinated with PR companies regarding images for the trend pages as well as borrowing samples for shoots. Blosser was also in charge of the actual photo shoots for her pages, including researching shoot locations, casting models, pulling samples, and styling the photo shoots. She also had everyday tasks like database management, office task and organization, running errands for the editor-in-chief, and recruiting and training interns.

Blosser graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on Media Studies and Journalism. She said this helped her to be able to write magazine stories, which is a requirement for any job in fashion publishing. She also took a three month course about Fashion Trend Forecasting at the University of Westminster in London.
Typical days for Blosser as a fashion editor began at 9:30am and lasted until six or 7:30pm. Most days were spent working on database management as well as contacting PR firms in Los Angeles, New York, and sometimes overseas to gather images for trend pages, samples for shoots, and research for articles. On photo shoot days, her day would last at least twelve hours, often not ending until three or four in the morning.
The more difficult aspect of Blosser’s job was the demanding, fast-paced schedule, but the creativity and fashion involved in the job made it all worth it. “If you don’t truly love the industry and want to be there, you won’t last,” she says. The three things she lists as crucial for success? “Love, passion, and good taste.”