[DIY] Animal Purse

As a child, stuffed animals were my constant companions and unconditional friends. My collection was nothing short of enormous (And still is, because I will not let my mother get rid of the giant boxes full of my darling pets that are taking up space in the garage). These days, instead of these sentimental little plushies covering my whole bedroom, I am finding new ways to incorporate them into my life. This little purse DIY might not register the same intensity as Lady Gaga's beanie baby dress, but it surely makes a statement when paired with combat boots and an all-black party ensemble.
You will need:
Stuffed Animal
Fabric for lining
6 inch zipper
Chain for strap
Needle and Thread

Step 1:
Cut the head off your stuffed animal, leaving an oval of the stomach still attached. Pull the stuffing out of the head of your animal, leaving some in spots like it's snout or ears so that they will hold their shape. This fabric will become the bottom of your purse. Cut a six-inch opening from ear to ear at the top of your animal's head. If you are using an entire stuffed animal, not just the head of one, skip right to cutting a zipper opening.
Step 2:
Fold your lining fabric in half and trace around the shape of your animal. With right sides together, sew around the outside, leaving the top open 6 inches across.
Step 3:
Fold the top edge of your lining down about a half an inch, and then pin your lining and zipper to the opening on the top of your animal. Make sure your zipper will close, then unzip and sew everything together.
Step 4:
After sewing in your zipper and lining, fold the stomach fabric up to create a base and sew the bottom of your bag closed.
Step 5:
Measure the chain so that your bag will hang at the right height. Sew each end of chain to either side of your zipper. I removed the bow tie that came on my stuffed animal and created another one out of ribbon. Sew that to the base of your animal's head to give him a little extra flair!

And there you go, a precious piece that will sweeten up any tough outfit!