[DIY] leopard letters

I recently completed a project that has been in the works for a lonnnng time. Painting my bathroom walls. It sounds simple enough, but the previous homeowners had wallpapered, and then painted over, and painted again, and again...and it was just a general headache involving a putty knife, Dif spray, and putting up with a haunted house/construction zone/crime scene themed bathroom for a few years. Now that it is finally done (and lime green, eee!), I get to decorate!

 Since I share this bathroom with my sister, I decided to paint letters in our initials to hang on our respective "sides" of the bathroom.

You will need:
6" wooden letters
light brown craft paint
dark brown craft paint
gold craft paint
paint brushes
clear top coat spray
ribbon and hot glue, or other hanger
Step 1:
Lay your letters on newspaper or paper towels and give them two good coats of your light brown paint and let dry for a few minutes.
If you want, you can lightly sand and then prime your letters before this step, but I didn't and mine turned out fine.
Step 2:
Using your gold paint, make polka dots all over your letter. Don't make them perfect! They should all be a little different and lopsided. Let your paint dry.
Step 3:
Using a finer paint  brush and your dark brown paint, draw semi-circles around your gold spots with a spot in the middle, as pictured above. Make some complete circles, and some just spots. Again, they don't need to be perfect. Leopard spots are never the same!
Step 4:
After your paint has dried completely, spray your letters with a clear top coat. I used glossy, but matte top coat would look great too. After your top coat has dried, attach your hanger to the back of your letter. I hot glued ribbon to the back of my letters and tacked them onto the wall.

I love the way these letters add a touch of personalization. There are infinite amounts of ways you could paint, hang, and combine these letters to tie a room together!