[DIY] Floral Headbands

Although we don't really have seasons in San Diego, it is noticeably colder from November to February...if 50 degrees is cold? Brr! Anyway, who couldn't use a reminder of springtime every now and then? Florals will be rampant again this spring, so I decided to get a jump start on some cheery spring hair decor using leftover supplies to make more wearable versions of THIS DIY from last summer ;)

You will need:
Headband 1-
Small Fake Flowers (I used about 12 from a large bunch)
Skinny Plastic Headband

Headband 2-
1 Large Flower
Elastic Headband

For both-
Hot Glue Gun
To make the first headband, cut the small flowers off of their stems, as close to the actual flower as possible, leaving no stem. Put a dot of hot glue on the top center of your headband and push one of your flowers into the glue.
Glue a flower to each side of your center flower and repeat until you have the look you want. Try your headband on between every couple layers of flowers to determine how many more to add.
 A super simple runway look for next to nothing!

 For the second headband, take your large flower, and cut off the stem to make your flower lay completely flat.
 Separate the layers of your flower and discard the green plastic backing. Glue the layers back together, only putting glue in the centers of the pieces. Make sure to match up the holes so that you can fit your middle piece back in.

 Put a big glob of hot glue on the back of your flower and press your headband into the glue. Don't go easy here, I'm talking a GOOD amount of glue. You want there to be glue around the sides of the headband to help keep it in place. It should dry within a minute or two.

Now you have two floral headbands to cheer up your winter and help you jump-start into spring!