[How To] Make Cheap Jewelry Last Longer

I'm an addict. A costume jewelry addict. I love giant fake rubies, blinged out giraffes, giant faux-pearl encrusted flowers. The only problem with these bodacious baubles is that they turn me green. Yeeeuch.
This color changing extravaganza happens when certain metals reacts with the acids on your hands. Many of these metals are used as a base or mixed in the alloy that covers the base-- and not only in cheap jewelry! Although this green transfer isn't harmful, it is super annoying. I've tried using nail polish to coat the outside of my oxidizing rings, but it usually ended up flaking off after a couple of wears and took forever to dry. This method works much better!
You will need:
Your cheap jewelry
Spray can of clear glossy finish
newspaper or other dropcloth
Lay your newspaper down in a well-ventilated area and lay your jewelry out with plenty of space in-between each piece. Following the directions on your spray can, spray a light even coat on your bling. Wait at least an hour and turn your pieces over to spray again. Wait 24 hours before wearing or storing your jewelry. You may have to reapply every few months, depending on how often you wear these pieces.