[DIY] Shirt Dress

For someone who has been shopping at thrift stores since before I could drive, Macklemore's buy-used jam didn't do much for me besides make my local Salvation Army a more competitive environment than the Hunger Games arena. I love finding vintage pieces that are ready-to-wear, but sometimes you find a giant shirt and its a cool pattern and its 40% off of three dollars and really how could you go wrong? I turned this 2XL big lady butterfly shirt into a cute shirt dress, and I forgot to take pictures while I was sewing, but its super simple!
You will need: 
Giant Button-down Shirt (one that's long enough to be a dress)
Straight Pins
Matching Thread
Sewing Machine (you can also hand sew!)

First, try on your shirt. Using pins, mark your shirt right at the tops of your shoulders. Take the shirt off and cut the sleeves off, starting where you marked with your pins and ending at the armpit of your shirt, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Turn your shirt inside out and try it on again, making sure all of the buttons are buttoned. 
 Holding the edges of the fabric so that they match up, pin the armpits of your shirt closer to where your actual body is. Take your shirt off again and pin from the armpits down to the hem. I pinned in a straight line, but if you want a skirt that is more flared, pin diagonally towards the edges of your shirt. Try on your shirt again to make sure you like the fit (Have you gotten a workout yet?) and make sure your hem matches up at the bottom. 
 Sew where you pinned, and then cut off the excess fabric, leaving 1/4in around your seam. Fold your armholes under 1/4 inch and fold under again. Pin and sew.
As the weather warms up this spring, it can't hurt to add another easy dress to the wardrobe arsenal. My dress ended up being quite short, so I will probably let the hem down and sew the button placket closed before I wear it again.