[DIY] Studded Sweater

Studs have been everywhere for a while now and they're not leaving anytime soon. I love studs and take every chance I get to add studs to whatever I can. When I found this Anne Klein sweater at the thrift store, I knew it would be the perfect candidate for some toughening up.
You will need:
Felt or medium to heavy-weight fabric the same color as your sweater
Cone studs with screw backs
Small screwdriver
Large nail, smaller than the width of your stud screws
Needle and like-colored Thread
 First, turn your sweater inside out and put down your felt underneath where your studs will go. This will help to reinforce your sweater so that the studs don't stretch the knit and fall out. I used a larger piece of felt and cut out the extra fabric later. Use fabric that is a similar color to your sweater in case it shows through. Green happened to be the closest I had on hand.
 Using the nail, carefully poke holes in your fabric through the sweater. Push the screw-back from the inside of the sweater and place the cone stud on from the outside. Use your screwdriver to tighten the screw-back all the way. Duplicate your pattern on the other shoulder of your sweater.
When you have finished adding all of your studs, cut off the excess fabric inside your sweater and use large stitches to tack the fabric down to your sweater.
There are many ways you can further personalize your sweater. I added a button and loop as a closure for my sweater (as seen in the first picture), since it was an open cardigan. I also shredded the hem and sleeves just a teeny bit to give the sweater a more un-done look (I like THIS tutorial).
Do you love studs? Will you be trying this project? How did you personalize your sweater? Leave a comment and let me know!