Life in Color: Rebirth

 When this year's Life in Color (formally, Dayglow) party sold out, I knew it was going to be a good time. I hadn't attended this party since 2010, when it cost like, seven bucks at the door and was held at the very tiny intimate World Beat Center in Balboa Park. Now it's under brand new management and selling out huge venues like the San Diego Sports Arena (Valley View Casino Center? eh?) with huge artists like Swanky Tunes and LA Riots, and bringing back hometown hero DJ Ideal, who played at that very first San Diego Dayglow party back in the day. 
 If you have never heard of this epic paint party, it's basically an electronic dance music concert, with a twist. Everyone wears white, and at the end of the midnight countdown-- the paint comes out. Event staff pumps paint into the crowd from the stage using huge hoses, while others run through the crowd with paint-filled water guns. Party-goers can buy paint inside the venue to spray on each other as well. 
my shot, from the Organized Grime instagram
We managed our way up to the front for the LA Riots and Swanky Tunes sets!
My eyes were burning from paint, which I constantly slipped in and fell like, four times, and I'm covered in bruises, but for good times with friends, incredible music, and a pretty sweet, albeit unintentionally tie-dyed shirt, it was definitely worth it.

(all those awesome OG logo photos were taken by Ryan Ros and are property of Organized Grime)